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Wednesday, October 22

Quarto Quartet

Darina Vasileva - piano, Ivan Penchev - violin, Tatyana Todorova - viola & Stoyan Bozhkov - cello

An Impression:

"Instrumental precision, combined with great emotional charge immediately drew the audience toward the youthful and fresh interpretation of the works.

The oneness of the quartet, the wonderful communication between the separate parts and the detailed dynamics and articulation left me with a most positive feeling.

What makes me happy about these young performers, is that they don’t consider playing as an obligation, on the contrary, they are all united through their love for one of the most perfect arts – music, and in this case, chamber music."

Prof. Ognyan Stanchev

National Music Academy “P.Vladigerov”

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Members of Quarto

Ivan Penchev - violin
Darina Vassileva - piano
Tatyana Todorova - viola
Dimitar Tenchev - cello
Svetlana Stancheva - violin
Silvet Salieva - double bass
Atanas Iliev - clarinet