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Friday, October 22

Quarto Quartet play Beethoven Quartets

7 December 2010
Quarto Quartet in Recital Bulgaria Hall


String Quartet in C minor, op. 18, No.4
Quartets of op. 18 were published between 1800 – 1801. They were dedicated to prince Lobkowitz. In the Quartet in C minor, Beethoven moves towards the concerto form, an almost orchestral construction, outlined by the harmony and the cluster of secondary voices, thus allowing the first violin to dominate the scene.
Piano Quartet in E-flat major, WoO 36 No.1
The three piano quartets were written in 1785, when the composer was fifteen.  He had been writing music for about half his life at that point; his father had even tried to make a Mozart-like prodigy out of his son, traveling around showing off the young musician.  These quartets are interesting, though, in that the piano quartet was quite rare at the time.  Mozart was writing his two quartets at exactly the same time, and they were among the very few of their kind.

String Quartet in A minor, op 132
Beethoven wrote this piece (in 1825) after recovering from a serious illness which he had feared was fatal. He thus headed the movement with the words, "Heiliger Dankgesang eines Genesenen an die Gottheit, in der lydischen Tonart" (A Convalescent's Holy Song of Thanksgiving to the Divinity, in the Lydian Mode).


Members of Quarto

Ivan Penchev - violin
Darina Vassileva - piano
Tatyana Todorova - viola
Dimitar Tenchev - cello
Svetlana Stancheva - violin
Silvet Salieva - double bass
Atanas Iliev - clarinet